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What we do.

Andino Kids’ mission is to promote sustainable development in Peru and the Andes through education and empowerment of women. We believe that every human being should have access to basic hygiene, a roof over their head, adequate nutrition and education. We are dedicated to working with children and women in Peru, the Andes and Latin America to help them rise above poverty and become self-sufficient in a changing world.

Why Peru and the Andes?

Peru has historically been one of the poorest and most unequal countries in Latin America.

The poorest people in Peru are in the Andean highlands, where a large majority of the indigenous Quechua and Aymara communities live below the poverty line. Children have few opportunities for proper education, suffer from chronic malnutrition, and women are often undervalued despite playing a central role in the economy and household.

46% of rural Peruvians (roughly 3 million people)

live below the national poverty line.

20,2% of Peruvians are below the povertly line and the big majority is in the rural areas.

How we do it.

The foundation of Andino Kids is built on the idea that poverty can be alleviated through sustainable development. This sustainable development implies that the Andeans and rural Peruvians can control their own lives, improve their living conditions and become self-sustainable through their own efforts, but with our guidance and support. Without proper education most children are left unprepared for the 21st century and our rapidly changing world.

Through education of children, empowerment of women, and community projects & workshops, we assist and support, so that the locals understand their common objectives and can achieve them.

Check out some of the projects we’ve completed.

Give to progress

Without our donors we would be nowhere. Give the gift of education and empowerment. Allowing children and women the ability to improve their living conditions and take control of their future.

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Stay in touch…

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We value our donors contribution and understand that you want to stay informed about the projects you support. With your help we can fund the school, teachers, students, and hold seminars and workshops and much more.

We send a monthly newsletter to all our supporters with updates of the developments in Peru & the Andes, in our school in Chupaca, and of course about the people who’s lives you positively affect each day, by helping.

Thank you.

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